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Iive.love.let go ♥


Annyeonghaseyo Hi, my name is Mae, I'm a Filipino. I'm fond of music especially with Japanese-Korean Music. I love hanging out with my cousins and my family. I entertain myself by reading fanfics and writing stories. I love reading books and expressing my thoughts. Doodling is what I do if I'm bored. I dance Ballet and Hip hop. I love to travel and explore new things. What I mostly do is Make Graphics or make a fan made videos

CRAZY LOVE DongBangShinKi, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), SS501, F.T Island, 2PM, SNSD, T-ara, KARA, After School,Daivichi, Vanilla Lucy, U-KISS, BEAST, CNBLUE,Satomi Takasugi, Paramore, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Marie Digby, Maine, Glee, NeverShoutNever, Owl City, A Rocket to The Moon.

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